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There are many garage door motors in the market, so each one can find the right motor for him. From heavy duty chain drive motor, to a ½ H.P belt drive motor, you can find the motor that will make your life easier, by using an automated garage door. The three most common kinds of garage door motors that you can find in the market today are the following: Chain drive motor: This motor is the most common motor you can find today in the American market. Whether it is an automated garage door Santa Monica , or a garage door in Redondo Beach CA, there is a big chance that the garage door is equipped with a chain drive opener, which consider to be one of the most reliable garage door motor you can find today.
Belt drive motor: Just like the chain drive motor, but in this kind of opener, instead of the chain drive, you will find a belt drive. This motor is a bit more expensive than the chain drive, but the advantage of it is a silent operation, since the noise of the chain which move along the rail is replaced with a rubber belt.
Screw drive motor: This opener used to be very popular, but lately you will find less and less from its kind. You should consider purchasing this opener if you are planning to “do it yourself” and you are not sure what exactly to do, since this motor is the easiest to install and program. To read more about the garage door motor, click here for garage door opener Santa Monica , or here, for Lift Master Motors.
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Safe motor use and installation
If you are thinking to install the motor by yourself, or if you are planning to contact a garage door company in Santa Monica , there is one thing you should know and follow, since it is the law: Every motorized garage door, whether it was installed in Santa Monica or it is a garage door Scarsdale, must include a safety feature which will protect the door or an object that cross the door’s path while it is closing. Again, this is not an option, it’s the law!
The most common safety feature you can find in every automated garage door is the safety sensors. The safety sensors are there to protect from the object which cross the door path while the door is closing from being crashed under the garage door, and reverse the closing motor to open the door.
Safety sensors troubleshooting

The safety sensors must face each other, if one of them was accidently moved, damaged, or the wire which connect it to the motor was cut, the door will not close. You will see the door “trying” to close, and then stop and reverse to open position, followed by the opener light signaling you that something is wrong. We get many calls from our garage door customers in Santa Monica , which complain that their garage door is not closing. Many time they can repair the problem by themselves but sometime they need us to come and fix it for them.
Garage door motor troubleshooting
Before we explain about garage door troubleshooting, we would like to make one thing clear: A garage door which isn’t working properly, no matter if the reason is a broken motor, a broken spring, or any other garage door issue, and no matter if it is a garage door in Santa Monica California should not be used, and should be repaired by a professional garage door contractor.
Now that we made the safety part clear, we would like to go over a common problems that we often face during our garage door service in Santa Monica : Many times, it looks like the door is too heavy for the motor, and seem like the motor does not have enough power to open and close the door. Now, it may be possible that the problem is indeed a motor problem, but not once, when we arrive at the customers house, we find that the problem is surprisingly (or not) a broken spring. Now, since the springs are doing most of the garage door lifting job, when one or both springs break, the motor need to do much more lifting, and that what make it seem like the problem is actually a motor problem. Commercial Garage Door Motor


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